Commercial Law

Businesses often come unstuck when they take too many shortcuts – particularly in relation to everyday commercial activities. We use our detailed insight to help business avoid any costly mistakes.

We can advise on and prepare commercial agreements to meet the needs of clients in an infinite variety of scenarios. These include:

  • Terms and conditions for the supply of goods or services
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Distribution agreements
  • Commercial agency contracts
  • Web-related contracts

At the same time, the endless flow of new legislation from the EU and the growth of regulation have made it increasingly difficult for businesses to keep up with the rules and regulations that apply to many of their activities. Failure to comply with these (or trying to take short cuts with contract drafting) can have serious consequences so we’re here to help our clients steer clear of any pitfalls and make sure that their commercial interests are robustly protected.

If any disputes arise in relation to commercial matters, we use our commercial dispute resolution and litigation expertise to support clients in the Courts, via arbitration or through alternative dispute resolution.

Above all, we are focused on giving our clients a commercial advantage and protecting their interests should things go wrong.