Globally Speaking

Wedlake Bell’s insights into the issues affecting international investors and traders in UK real estate

UK real estate is in high demand with foreign investors and traders. Ranking as one of the most desirable cities in the world to buy property. In recent years though the demand for UK residential property, particularly in prime central London, has been tempered by the effects of a series of taxes aimed at international property owners; unprecedented political uncertainty following the Brexit vote, and against a backdrop of a global drive towards transparency with the UK trailblazers with the establishment of public registers of beneficial owners. By contrast the commercial property market has remained largely off the government’s radar in terms of significant tax reforms, and although Brexit and increasing transparency obligations have played their part, the international demand of commercial property for investment and trading purposes has continued unabated, not only in London but also in other parts of the UK. 

The UK is viewed globally as a safe haven, both politically and economically, and continues remains an attractive proposition for foreign investors. This is through a combination of greater political instability in other parts of the world and a weakened pound sterling brought about by Brexit making UK real estate a more affordable proposition. From the perspective of London, the capital’s cultural richness and diversity as a place to live, work and learn remain key pull factors. It is a draw for international trade, commerce and finance which has always attracted foreign entrepreneurs, investors and employees.

What this all means is that the need for investors and traders of UK real estate to obtain clear and commercially sound advice has never been so important. At Wedlake Bell our expertise across the firm means that we are ideally placed to assist our clients and deliver this advice to those who are investing and trading in UK real estate. Our clients include individuals, trustees, UK and offshore companies, funds and family offices.  

The aim of Globally Speaking is to not only to keep our audience up to date with the myriad of changes around the taxation affecting international owners of UK real estate which continue unabated but to also consider the wider issues at play with insight from advisors in our private client, real estate and corporate departments to provide a go to resource for both clients and contacts alike.