Pre and post-nuptial agreements

We have extensive experience of advising clients on pre and post-nuptial agreements which, thanks to the Supreme Court decision of Radmacher v Granatino and the case of MacLeod in the Privy Council, are a significant emerging force in English Law.

Pre-nuptial agreements are entered into by a couple prior to their marriage and post-nuptial agreements are entered into during a marriage. Both seek to regulate financial provision on divorce. Given the increase in the level of divorce settlements over recent years, both are more important than ever.

Our Family team provides a completely bespoke service, acknowledging that circumstances will be different in every case.

Whether we are acting on behalf of the stronger economic party or their spouse, intended spouse or civil partner, we deal with all matters in a sensitive and delicate way – ensuring our clients’ interests are protected and promoted as much as possible.

We have considerable experience in this area, preparing and advising on agreements for many clients of significant wealth.

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