As an alternative to court-based process, our Family Law team offers clients a number of ways to resolve all issues – including those relating to finances and children. Mediation is one of those services.

We offer a skilled mediation service to couples that wish to try to resolve matters between themselves with the assistance of one of our experienced family lawyers, who acts in mediation as an experienced neutral facilitator.

We also advise parties who are in mediation with other lawyers, either during that process or at the conclusion of mediation to advise and assist in turning any agreements reached into binding Court Orders.

The mediation process itself is a series of face-to-face meetings where all issues can be discussed in a neutral, non-confrontational, and constructive environment.

As a result of changes to Court rules in April 2011 the potential use of mediation is expected to be considered in most situations before making a Financial or Children Application to the Court. It can often be an extremely effective and successful way of resolving issues without having to go to court.

Just as with all other methods of alternative dispute resolution we provide our clients with a highly skilled, totally committed and first class service. This ensures that individual concerns are addressed, that issues are resolved and that interests are promoted.

For a confidential, no-obligation call-back from one of our family lawyers, please email your contact details and a brief summary.