We combine in-depth industry knowledge with an understanding of the legal issues involved. Our work includes:

  • Mergers and acquisitions;
  • Privatisation, restructuring and commercialisation;
  • Development and financing of port infrastructure, installations and facilities;
  • Promoting or opposing infrastructure development proposals under NSIP and other relevant consenting regimes, including strategy, stakeholder engagement and representation at public and other inquiries;
  • Joint ventures, strategic alliances and other collaborative arrangements, including public/private sector partnerships;
  • Use of port and terminal facilities, including concessions, operating agreements, management contracts and outsourcing;
  • EU competition, state aid and internal market issues; EU public procurement law; access to port facilities and services; and the free movement provisions of the EU Treaty;
  • Real estate acquisition, development and management;
  • Strategic and case-specific environmental and planning/zoning advice;
  • Establishment and operation of port and other maritime authorities;
  • Drafting, enactment, interpretation of, and challenge to, legislation;
  • Regulatory compliance in relation to all aspects of port operation including port and marine safety, pollution control, pilotage, dredging and health and safety issues; and
  • Port information and management systems acquisition, integration and development.

We are a founder member of UK Port Advisers, which combines legal with other industry skills in order to advise clients worldwide on all aspects of port ownership, operation, development and regulation – for more information please visit www.ukportadvisers.com.