Protection and Planning for the vulnerable

Our team provides advice on how to provide for, and protect the interests of, individuals who may lack mental capacity to manage their affairs and make decisions for themselves.

A lack of mental capacity may be due to:

  • a stroke or brain injury;
  • a mental health problem;
  • a learning disability;
  • dementia;
  • confusion, drowsiness or unconsciousness because of an illness or the treatment for it; and
  • substance or alcohol misuse.

We can offer guidance and support to those who are:

  • concerned about the ability of someone to manage their financial affairs or make decisions about health and welfare issues;
  • responsible for managing someone’s financial affairs or making decisions about health and welfare issues; and
  • concerned about their own ability to manage their own affairs.

We can advise you on:

  • Planning for incapacity;
  • General management of financial affairs;
  • Providing for vulnerable beneficiaries via trusts; and
  • Protection of vulnerable individuals via the Court of Protection.