Collaborative Family Law

As an alternative to court-based process, our Family Law team can help clients with a variety of ways to resolve all issues – including those relating to finances and children. Collaborative Family Law is one of those services.

Our team is fully equipped to provide an effective collaborative law service to our clients.

The process consists of a series of roundtable meetings, with each party having their own independent lawyer to assist in negotiations and to help to resolve all issues. Each party’s lawyer provides their own client with assistance and advice which means that the parties themselves remain very much in control of the process.

Following a negotiated agreement the lawyers draw up the agreed terms into a document, which the Court then turns into a binding Order. Under this process it is not necessary for either of the parties to attend Court at all.

We are very successful in bringing about swift and lasting solutions via this process. It has a high success rate and can be an efficient way of resolving matters – far less costly than going to court.

For a confidential, no-obligation call-back from one of our family lawyers, please email your contact details and a brief summary.