As an alternative to court-based process, our Family Law team helps clients with a number of ways to resolve all issues – including those relating to finances and children. Arbitration is one of those services.

Our team regularly assists and advises parties in relation to arbitration, including representing them as part of the process.

With arbitration, each party appoints its own independent specialist family lawyer who assists and advises the party in a binding process which sidesteps the Court system.

The parties enter into an agreement to be bound by the decision of the arbitrator – who is a neutral experienced senior family lawyer and may, for example, be a former or part-time Judge. Once the arbitrator reaches a decision, the Court turns it into a binding Order.

By using this process the parties retain greater control in relation to the timing of the process and are able to avoid delays which can often arise with court-based processes.

All clients that are considering arbitration need to be sure they have expert legal advice and assistance. Just as with all other methods of alternative dispute resolution we provide our clients with a highly skilled, totally committed, and first class service. This ensures that individual concerns are addressed, that issues are resolved, and that interests are promoted.

For a confidential, no-obligation call-back from one of our family lawyers, please email your contact details and a brief summary.