Harnessing Data, Valuing Privacy – How to harness data in legally defensible and ethical ways, and value privacy

Wedlake Bell is pleased to be hosting a roundtable for Privacy Laws & Business, How to Harness Data and Value Privacy in Legally Defensible and Ethical Ways, in our London office on Thursday 14 September 2023.

Personal data and meta data play an increasingly significant part of the economy both for advertising, delivering services and managing networks. This event will help you find an optimum path which works commercially while respecting legal constraints.

Individuals sign up to smart meters, other types of smart devices, and mobile apps. However, few users realise the extent to which their usage is monitored, analysed and shared with other parties for targeted marketing and/or other purposes. Much of this activity is invisible to the people whose data is collected.

This in-person workshop will cover how personal data is harnessed to deliver or manage services, often in ways which the data subjects would not expect.

Privacy advocates might describe such techniques as data harvesting, but the gathering and processing of personal data is core to creating new services whether commercial or “data for good.” Data scientists provide the techniques to maximise data opportunities and enable their organisations to fulfil their commercial objectives. Data Protection Officers and their legal advisors may need to restrain these activities if they go too far.

What is legal? What is ethical? At this workshop for both Data Managers and Data Protection Officers, you will hear from Tom Reynolds (Chief Economist, ICO), David Jevons (Partner, Oxera), Alexander Dittel (Partner, Wedlake Bell) and Stewart Dresner (Founder and Chief Executive, Privacy Laws & Business).

Event Details

Date: Thursday 14 September 2023