DPO Radio | October 13, 2021


  1. International data transfers: The ICO’s call for an international solution to data transfers (link), G7 cooperation on data free flow (link), and US Congress paper on transatlantic data flows (link).
  2. Big Tech announced the Trusted Cloud Principles (link).
  3. EDPB opines on the draft Adequacy Decision for South Korea (link).
  4. Norwegian company is fined around £400,000 for non-compliant data transfers to China (link). Irish DPC investigating TikTok’s compliance of data transfers to China (link).
  5. EU Parliament’s research paper on EU health data centre and a common data strategy for public health (link).
  6. We Buy Any Car and Sports Direct are fined £270,000 for misapplying the soft opt-in rule (link).
  7. Cookies: G7 cooperation (link), EDPB’s cookie taskforce (link), and European Digital Rights association’s push for strong ePrivacy (link).
  8. EDPS opinion about the 2021 EU anti-money laundering package (link).
  9. Swiss report on the US CLOUD ACT (link).
  10. Opinion of Advocate Bobek in CJEU Case C‑175/20 SIA ‘SS’ v Valsts ieņēmumu dienests (link).
  11. The right to privacy in the digital age, a report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (link).
  12. Navigating the global data privacy landscape: The 2020 Global Privacy Assembly census (link).