Bulletins | July 16, 2018

Clare Armitage profile

Q: Tell us a little about your practice and what you particularly enjoy.

My clients tend to have more of an international focus. For example, they might be UK nationals who are based abroad or own assets (e.g. properties) situated abroad or they may originally be from another country, but are now living and/or working in the UK (or their families are) or they simply have assets located here. I advise on the UK tax and succession laws which would apply to their estates and advise on the best way for them to protect their assets and give effect to their wishes in the event of death. I also advise on the interaction between the tax and succession laws that would apply to them in other countries, which will often require working alongside lawyers qualified in those jurisdictions.

Q: What changes have you seen in the practice recently?

We are finding that clients (or their families) are becoming increasingly international. The UK tax laws affecting non-UK domiciled/resident individuals and some of the structures through which they own assets situated here have undergone huge changes in recent years and so our clients’ UK tax position is constantly being reviewed.

Q: What impact has Brexit had?

Whilst we have seen caution from a few clients since Brexit, in the main the UK (particularly London) is still proving to be an attractive place for international clients to do business and invest. The price reduction at the top of the residential property has resulted in opportunities for some clients and for others has allowed them to re-structure their affairs and/or to pass assets to the next generation with fewer tax charges.

Q: What do you like to do in your space time?

In my spare time (which is minimal with two young boys running around), I like to play and watch tennis.