News | March 15, 2022

Adjudication: Part 2 – The Process

In this five part series, we examine the primary dispute resolution forum for construction disputes in England and Wales for those who are unfamiliar, namely, adjudication. We will answer some frequently asked questions from clients in relation to adjudication. Last time we explained the basics. This time we will look at the process of starting an adjudication.

How does an adjudication start?

The first step is to serve the Notice of Adjudication. Within seven days of service of the Notice of Adjudication the adjudicator must have been appointed and then the Referral must be served on the adjudicator and the Responding Party. If an adjudicator is not appointed within the 7 day period, the Referring Party will have to start again by re-serving the Notice of Adjudication and re-applying for the appointment of an adjudicator…

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