Development Advice Strategy and Legal Audit

Our Planning Team advises on the key procedures and processes that influence planning decisions so that our clients can find the quickest and least complicated route to their objective.

We review the suitability of sites for particular uses and audit planning due diligence both before the submission of planning applications and during their consideration, with a key focus on Environmental Assessments and Environmental matters.

Our advice is key in establishing timeframes for decision-making and our detailed legal review can highlight any deliverability issues before the purchase is complete.

It means that our clients receive independent, impartial, reliable and detailed advice which can often help to drive down the purchase price, forewarn of any difficulties and provides a ‘reality check’ when it comes to the planning position.

Unlike some consultants, our retainer is not usually related to acquisitions or sales and, as such, we believe our clients receive more honest and realistic advice – focused on helping them to maximise the value of their land.