Shariah Family Law

Our specialist family lawyers work with respected professionals and Sharia Councils to achieve outcomes that are in accordance with Sharia law and compatible with civil legal proceedings.

Islamic Counseling and Mediation

We can recommend highly skilled male and female Muslim counsellors and mediators to assist with marriage guidance and resolution of family disputes. Family mediation is a bespoke service that is more likely to suit your individual needs and religious requirements.

Islamic Divorce

In Islam, marriage is viewed as a contract known as a Nikah. One of the primary elements of a Nikah contract is that the husband agrees to pay the wife a dowry, known in Arabic as Mehr. The terms of the dowry are included in the Islamic marriage contract. This dowry can be payable immediately after the marriage ceremony, at an agreed date, or in the event of a dissolution of the marriage.

We can help you to obtain payment of the wife’s Mehr as a part of a divorce settlement or through the English civil courts as a breach of contract. We can also help you to secure an Islamic divorce to terminate the Islamic marriage contract.

A growing number of Muslims believe that a Nikah Contract performed in England and Wales is a valid marriage and do not undergo a civil marriage. All too often, in the event of a breakdown of the marriage, the parties discover that they are legally recognised as cohabitees as the marriage is not recognised as valid under the law of England and Wales. Where this is the case, we assist and advise Muslims of their rights as a cohabitee.

Marriage Contracts

If both parties consent, we can assist Muslim couples to enter into marriage contracts based on Islamic principles that comply with the Shariah.

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