News | September 18, 2018

Relief for employers seeking to obtain restricted certificates of sponsorship

In the last In Counsel, we reported on the problems being encountered by employers trying to obtain restricted certificates of sponsorship for new recruits from overseas. Click here to read more.

We are pleased to see that, as predicted, the removal in July of roles for doctors and nurses from the allocation of restricted certificates has had an immediate and clear effect.  The number of points needed to secure a restricted certificate dropped from a high in June of 60 (equivalent to a minimum salary of £60,000) down to 41 in July and to just 21 in August (equivalent to a salary of £20,800) as illustrated by the table above.

It is hoped that in the coming months the number of restricted certificates of sponsorship available will continue to meet demand and that employers will be able to fill vacancies by recruiting from overseas when roles cannot be filled locally.

Where employers have previously been unsuccessful in a request for a restricted certificate of sponsorship, the request can be resubmitted at any time provided that the test of the resident labour market is still valid and less than six months old.

For further information please contact Julia Jackson.