News | June 25, 2019

Introducing the BCO guide to Specification 2019 – Best practice for offices

Following the launch of the BCO Guide to office Specification 2019 at the BCO Conference in Copenhagen and the introduction of the new, interactive digital platform, Wedlake Bell was delighted to host the first in a series of seminars giving a detailed introduction and demonstration of the Guide.

The Guide is used and referenced extensively in the design and fit out of offices, as well as lease drafting and the understanding of rent review and dilapidations liability.

The 2019 BCO Guide to Specification reflects the significant changes that have taken place in the past five years in technological advancement, working practices and availability of data. We are living in times where the rate of change in technology, evolving patterns of work and abundance of data are driving new thinking in workplace design which will impact on how we design and construct new office buildings and repurpose existing workspace to respond to the needs of occupiers going forward. The Guide itself reflects this, as the new edition will be available in an interactive electronic version as well as the much-loved book format.

The new, enhanced Guide addresses key issues for the future office such as health and well-being, intelligent buildings, information management, energy performance of buildings and the gap that exists between design intention and operational performance as well as climate change and the rapidly changing socio-economic environment. The Guide aims to define best practice in workplace building design at a time of great change within the office sector.

Neill Pennell, Land Securities introduced and set the context for the Guide. He was joined by a panel of subject matter experts who led the specialist working groups responsible for producing the Guide:

Wedlake Bell construction partner Helen Garthwaite, led a team which input on the legal content of the new Guide.

An informative panel session concluded with discussion and networking.

Further information on the BCO Guide to Specification 2019 can be found on the BCO website