News | August 11, 2020

Immigration to the UK from Hong Kong: Preparatory Legal and Tax Steps

Julia Jackson and Matthew Braithwaite discuss issues related to immigration  with Hong Kong lawyer, Alfred Ip a founding partner of Hong Kong law firm Hugill & Ip . The preparatory steps when applying for resident status in the UK are not only crucial from an immigration point of view, but also in terms of wealth planning.

From income tax and property-related taxes to inheritance tax and succession issues, individuals need expert advice in order to navigate the complexity of legal and tax requirements in the UK . 

They also touch upon the recent developments announced by the UK Government regarding rights of BN(O) status holders as a new path along the immigration route.

Please click here to view the webinar.

Show Notes:

03.50 – Pre-migration tax planning

10.11 – Immigration application and funds transfers

14.05 – Impact of UK domicile on tax

19.59 – Segregating accounts

23.46 – Indefinite leave to remain

26.08 – Same-sex marriage, civil partnerships and common law relationships

29.22 – Relocation for employment reasons

40.28 – Student visas

48.28 – UK inheritance tax

52.27 – BN(O) status