Brands & IP Seminar

The session will cover:

Data Protection – Preparing for the GDPR – Practical considerations  

We will consider how to address two changes the GDPR will introduce in May 2018, from a practical perspective, focussing on valid consent and the appointment of data processors.

Choosing a kitchen? 

With so much competition, design plays a crucial role in this industry. But as ever, how alike does a cupboard have to be in order to infringe a classic design?  We will look at Neptune v Devol Kitchens in which the Court also had to grapple with recent changes to UK design law.

Getting to the heart of the matter

The High Court’s recent ruling in Technomed v Bluecrest on copyright and database right in cloud-based electro-cardiogram systems has set pulses racing. We will perform an exploratory operation.

Flying the flag for infringement

Online marketplaces are a frequent source of IP disputes these days; we look at the Design Elements trade mark case and flag up the talking points.

Event Details

Date: Wednesday 11 October 2017