DPO Radio | March 31, 2022

Episode 7

  1. John Edwards delivers his first speech as UK’s Information Commissioner (link).
  1. UK Online Safety Bill (link).
  1. EU Commission announces Privacy Shield 2.0 (link).
  1. US Government Surveillance Transparency Act (link).
  1. EDPB on essential safeguards for cooperation between EEA and third country data protection authorities (link).
  1. EDPS Case Law Digest on transfers of personal data to third countries (link).
  1. EDPB guidelines on Codes of Conduct as tools for international data transfers (link).
  1. ICO’s draft guidance on data processing for research (link).
  1. EDPB consultation on dark patterns in social media platforms (link).
  1. German DSK offers guidance to regulators about direct marketing (link).
  1. Baden-Wurtenberg authority on Cookies and Tracking for web and app operators (link).
  1. It is time to target online advertising, blog by EDPS (link).
  1. Irish Council for Civil Liberties (ICCL) sues the Irish DPC over failure to act on massive Google data breach (link).
  1. UK Government’s Online Advertising Programme consultation (link) and Digital Regulation: Driving growth and unlocking innovation (link).
  1. EDPS preliminary remarks on modern spyware (link).
  1. ICO Guidance on video surveillance (link).
  1. Bloomberg v ZXC [2022] UKSC 5 (link).
  1. Japan’s APPI and Supplementary Rule 4 (link).
  1. ICO reprimands Scottish Government over need to be upfront about NHS Scotland COVID Status app’s use of people’s details (link).
  1. EDPB on the Article 60 consistency mechanism between the lead authority and authority concerned (link).
  1. ENISA on Deploying Pseudonymisation Techniques (link).