DPO Radio | February 28, 2022

Episode 6

  1. ICO’s International data transfer agreement laid before Parliament (link).
  1. CNIL requires website to rectify non-compliance in relation to its use of Google Analytics with data transfers to the United States (link).
  1. German DSK conference seeks opinion on US surveillance from Stephen I. Vladeck of University of Texas (link).
  1. ICO’s draft Chapter 3 on Pseudonymisation (link).
  1. ENISA’s Data Protection Engineering (link).
  1. Belgian DPA claims to restore order to the online advertising industry by declaring IAB Europe’s TCF non-compliant (link).
  1. Google’s Topics (link) and the path forward with the privacy sandbox (link).
  1. EPIC’s push for the FTC to create a federal data privacy rule (link).
  1. EDPB issues an opinion (link) on the first ever GDPR certification scheme GDPR-CARPA from Luxembourg (link).
  1. Irish DPC to continue prioritising work on children’s data (link) in line with its 2022-2027 regulatory strategy  (link).
  1. Latest on EU’s Data Act (link).
  1. EU Cloud Code of Conduct (link).
  1. EDPB’s Guidelines 01/2022 on data subject rights – Right of access (link).
  1. EU Commission’s proposal: European Declaration on Digital rights and principles for the Digital Decade (link).