DPO Radio | January 31, 2022

Episode 5

  1. The Independent Human Rights Act Review by the UK Government (link).
  2. Irish DPC’s Children Front and Centre Fundamentals for a Child-oriented Approach to Data Processing, December 2021 (link).
  3. Austrian DPA says that The Use of Google Analytics violates the “Schrems II” decision (link). Some facts about Google Analytics data privacy (link).
  4. EDPS research report on Government access to data in third countries including China, India and Russia, November 2021 (link).
  5. EDPS Decision on the retention by Europol of datasets lacking Data Subject Categorisation (link).
  6. EDPB on the law enforcement directive (LED) (link).
  7. European Parliament’s research paper on Rethinking biometrics in the era of artificial intelligence (link).
  8. Shinigami Eyes banned in Norway (link).
  9. Chinese Internet Information Service Algorithm Recommendation Management Regulations (link).
  10. Open Rights Group’s Adtech Challenge in Killock and Veale & Ors v Information Commissioner (GI/113/2021 and ors) (link).
  11. French CNIL fines Google €150M and Facebook €60M for making refusing cookies not as easy as accepting them (link).
  12. Meta’s Threat Report on the Surveillance-for-Hire Industry (link).