News | November 12, 2018

Can my half-sister challenge our father’s will? – Financial Times

The article was originally posted by the Financial Times on 7/11/2018.

Can my half-sister challenge our father’s will?

My elderly father has died and left most of his assets to us, the children of his marriage.

He did not suffer from dementia and made his will when we were born. However, his estranged daughter from a later relationship is unhappy about his decision to leave a huge chunk of his assets to us and has threatened to challenge the will. Do you think she has any chance of upholding her claim in court?

Andrew O’Keeffe, partner and head of the private client team at Wedlake Bell, says the first thing to say is that your half-sister cannot challenge the will purely on the basis that it was made before she was born. No will can be automatically invalid on these grounds.

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