Brexit | March 28, 2019

Brexit Immigration Service

The Wedlake Bell Brexit Immigration Service is designed as a comprehensive advice and support service for employers concerned about the immigration aspects of Brexit for their current employees and its effect on future recruitment from Europe.

The Service is comprised of four separate elements which can be adapted to the needs of your organisation and taken as a whole or on an á la carte basis.

Briefing note

An easy to read briefing note to be tailored to the needs of your staff and distributed to your employees. The briefing note provides a comprehensive overview of the immigration implications of Brexit for employees and their family members and sets out the legal requirements in relation to protecting their right to live in the UK after Brexit.

Training session with HR

This is an informal session (recommended minimum time of one hour) during which we will advise your HR staff on the immigration implications of Brexit for employers.

The session will include information in relation to:

  • Existing European employees/ employees joining prior to Brexit
    • Clarification of current immigration status
    • Applying to the EU Settlement Scheme
    • Implications and differences of deal or no deal (assuming still relevant on date of session)
  • European employees joining after Brexit
    • Position during transition period under the Withdrawal Agreement (i.e. deal scenario)
    • Position in the event of no deal
  • Managing a workforce of European employees in the UK and ensuring work practices are sensitive to immigration status
  • Recruiting European workers and right to work checks with new evidential requirements
  • UK Immigration policy for European nationals and other overseas workers from January 2021 and beyond

The session will include time to deal with both general and specific enquiries in relation to immigration.

Employee seminar

Aimed at all employees who have concerns about the immigration implications of Brexit for themselves or their family. The seminar (recommended time of one hour) provides a secondary level of support to the Briefing Note and an opportunity for employees to raise general questions and concerns.

The seminar will give an overview of where we are in relation to immigration and Brexit, the issues concerning European nationals already living and working in the UK and the need to protect their immigration status post Brexit.

The employee seminar will include a general overview of the EU Settlement Scheme, the two types of immigration approval that can be obtained under the Scheme and the implications for managing and protecting that status going forward including the option of naturalisation. In addition common issues affecting family members will be discussed.

Employee surgery

This part of the service is an opportunity for individual employees to book a private one-to-one session with our staff. Each session will be for one employee only with an average surgery time of three hours covering six employees.

The surgery is an opportunity for employees to raise more specific concerns or questions that they may have regarding their own immigration status and is an opportunity to file an application under the EU Settlement Scheme using the app to verify identity by reading biometric passports or biometric residence cards. Employees will, therefore, need to bring with them to the session:

  • their current valid passport and/or biometric residence card (only for family members of EU nationals)
  • a mobile phone (needed to receive a pin code to access the system)
  • their national insurance number (no documentation is required just the actual number)

The Brexit Immigration Service can be purchased as a package or each element can be purchased individually. For more information regarding the service or pricing please contact Julia Jackson.