News | November 21, 2018

​Bradley Trerise’s answer to a readers question was published in The Sunday Times

My neighbours’ ‘soothing’ wind chimes are driving me mad.

Q My neighbours have bought some wind chimes. I hear they are supposed to be soothing, but I find the sound irritating, and am struggling to sleep. I accept in principle they can put what they like in their garden, but is there anything I can do?
CM, London

A You are correct that, from a visual perspective, your neighbours are entitled to have whatever they like in their garden, but if these ornaments are disturbing you to the point where you are regularly losing sleep, it may be time to act.

Taking legal action against a neighbour could be expensive, time-consuming and will likely damage relations. It may also be something you will have to disclose to a buyer when you sell. So it makes…

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