Pensions Compass September 2020

21 / 09 / 2020

Welcome to our Autumn 2020 Edition of Pensions Compass.

We hope readers have enjoyed some relaxation over the Summer.

1. PODCASTS – In the Autumn we usually hold our Oktoberfest pensions event including a chance to socialise over drinks and eats. Unfortunately, like so much, this is impossible this year and we will miss seeing you on our fine terrace at 71 Queen Victoria Street. Instead we are providing a series of podcasts on topical pension subjects and raise a metaphorical glass to you in lieu of Oktoberfest. The first two podcasts are as follows:

RIP FOR RPI ? Clive reviews the law and likely developments. Click here to view.

GMP EQUALISATION and PPF COMPENSATION: Paul brings you the latest on these hot topics. Click here to view.


The articles listed below feature in this Pensions Compass. We hope you find them informative and do please raise any questions with us.

Part 1Justin focuses on the Department of Work and Pensions Consultation on Climate Change, including ESG factors.
Part 2Alison comments on the increasingly useful and easy way to rectify (correct) pension scheme documents.
Part 3Paul casts his expert eye over the High Court’s rebuffing of parts of the PPF’s approach to PPF compensation.
Part 4Clive analyses the Supreme Court’s recent decision on Pension Transfers and Inheritance Tax.
Part 5Pensions Ready Reckoner – selection of key legislative and case law developments.  
The Pensions Team wishes all our readers good health over the coming months.