Pensions Compass February 2020

27 / 02 / 2020

Welcome to our first 2020 Edition of Pensions Compass!  As usual we have a fun packed edition to help blow away the winter doldrums.  

Our first edition of Pensions Compass for 2020 includes the following articles:

  • Clive’s usual summary, in the form of the Ready Reckoner provides a go-to summary of the key developments in pensions law and governance over recent months;
  • Justin has had his article on Winning the Pensions Endgame published in Pensions Today, you can access that article here
  • Paul has written an article on BT’s further failed attempts to reduce its scheme’s liabilities in respect of indexation following its case against HM Treasury;
  • Wedlake Bell’s Banking Team have written a very helpful article regarding the move away from LIBOR (this is not a pension-specific article, but we think it is a relevant issue for our readership);
  • Olivia and Clive have considered some of the implications of the move away from LIBOR for DB Schemes and also consider the proposed changes to the Retail Prices Index (is it RIP for RPI?);
  • I provide a reminder of the looming deadline for re-certification of existing PPF – compliant contingent assets and summarise how they can be of benefit for those schemes which do not have one in place.

We hope you enjoy this edition of the Pensions Compass. If you have any questions regarding any of these topics please do get in touch.

[Please click here for a PDF version of this month’s update.]

For further details on these matters or any other pensions related queries, please contact a member of the Pensions and Employee Benefits team.

After a few years at the helm I will be handing over the mantle of Editor-in-Chief to Clive Weber prior to our next edition of Pensions Compass, due to be published in April 2020.  I’m sure you’ll all give Clive a warm welcome!