James Castro-Edwards and Nikita Saini host Data Protection webinar for The Law Society

20 / 03 / 2018

On Monday 19 March Partner, Head of Data Protection and CEO of ProDPO, James Castro-Edwards, and Data Protection Solicitor, Nikita Saini, hosted a webinar for The Law Society. (£)

‘Data Protection for Support Staff 2018’ is an hour-long guide to best practice ahead of the GDPR in May, and covers:

  • What is the GDPR and key definitions
  • Who is impacted? – compliance, HR and employees too
  • Personal data –  what is regulated under the GDPR.
  • Individual rights – what will this impact
  • Consent –  how is your company seeking, obtaining and recording consent to the GDPR standard?
  • Documentation – do your staff know how to document details of the personal data they hold?
  • extension of liability to service providers – are your contracts up to speed?
  • the right to be forgotten- is your software compliant?
  • data loss and reporting – training staff to look for red flags

Visit The Law Society website now to view a recording of the broadcast. (£)