Mesh – Group Actions

What is the Group Litigation Action?

City law firm Wedlake Bell is co-ordinating the first large group action in England and Wales on behalf of over 200 women who claim that they have suffered ‘life-changing’ complications as a result of faulty surgical mesh implant.

The action is being supported by the action group, “Sling the Mesh”, who represent around 2,000 women and families adversely affected by surgical meshes.

More information about surgical mesh implants

Surgical mesh implants are used to treat pelvic organ prolapse or incontinence, usually after a difficult childbirth. The plastic meshes are made of polypropylene, which can also be found in a number of drinks bottles.

What can some of the symptoms be of surgical mesh implants?

Women who have suffered complications from the mesh implants have complained of chronic and life-altering pain, often preventing them from undertaking everyday activities, such as walking and running.

Some have reported severe and constant abdominal and vaginal pain, perforated bladders and no longer being able to have intercourse.

For more information about the group “Sling the Mesh” please visit their website at or contact

How to join our group action?

You can join the group action by filling in a questionnaire, which can be found here, and returning it to Wedlake Bell via email at Please use the guidance here to assist you when answering questions. We also have an FAQs page here to assist you with any queries you may have concerning the group action.

If you need to contact anyone please email or contact David Golten, Partner, Wedlake Bell at