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A day in the life of…

Omar Amin, Trainee Solicitor, Wedlake Bell LLP
Departments to date: Corporate, Commercial Property, Construction (current seat)

University: The University of Nottingham

Degree and class: Law LLB, 2:1

08.45am: I arrive at work, grab a coffee to wake me up and have a chat with my supervisor about our respective weekends, my current workload and my on-going matters. I then review my emails and to-do list for the day.

09.00am: I am currently working on four concurrent lease assignments for a client who is vacating various premises and assigning the residue of the term to several other companies. We have received a licence to assign from the landlord’s solicitors in relation to one property and comments on the contract for the assignment on another. I review each in turn, marking-up the licence and the annexed authorised guarantee agreement and reviewing the assignee’s solicitors comments on the contract. My supervisor and I then run through these in a meeting room and following this I send back both documents to the other side.

10.30am: I am assisting an Associate on the financing of a freehold acquisition and development. We have received documentation from the borrower’s solicitors for the site purchase. I review the folder of documents and prepare a list of enquiries which stem from the due diligence review. The responses will form part of our final report on title and certificate of funds request to be sent to our client.

11.30am: I have been asked to draft a reversionary lease for a property in Kensington. I review the agreed terms between the parties, together with the original lease and a subsequent deed of variation to the lease. Crucial here is ensuring that the key covenants (such as repairing and alterations covenants) are drafted to commence from the commencement date of the previous lease, so that the tenant is kept on the hook.

1.00pm: A few other trainees and I pop out to get some lunch, bringing it back to the office to eat upstairs in the firm’s breakout room. It’s a rare sunny day, so we make use of the terrace and sit outside.

1.30pm: We have received CPSEs for two neighbouring properties that our client has instructed us to sell. I prepare draft replies for each property and send these over to the client to confirm any outstanding points. I have also made a list of outstanding management information that we need, and email the client’s managing agent to request this so that we can forward onto the buyer’s solicitors.

2.30pm: The trainees in the Commercial Property team have recently been asked to present market updates for the team’s know-how meetings. It is my turn at the next meeting and, as this falls shortly after the 2017 General Election, I research and read various industry expert articles and summarise the general commentary on how this may affect the market in preparation for my presentation.

3.30pm: I have been invited to join a conference call with a partner and another partner in the Banking department as I am involved in co-ordinating the property conditions precedent for the financing of an acquisition of one property coupled with the refinancing of three other properties. This is particularly challenging given the cross-over between teams.

5.00pm: Our client, the landlord of a property in central London, has given permission to its tenant to convert staff accommodation to a restaurant / bar area. I pull up a useful precedent licence for alterations from our knowledge management library and issue a first draft to send to the other side.