Wedlake Bell is a great place to work. Our reputation attracts blue chip clients, household names and international brands. Our size ensures a friendly working environment with room to be noticed.

People thrive here because they work with great clients alongside bright people who genuinely take pleasure in what they do.


  • believe in the importance of enjoying what you do
  • cultivate a friendly, supportive and nurturing environment
  • are committed to a healthy work-life balance

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A day in the life of…

Zahra Shah, Trainee Solicitor, Wedlake Bell LLP
Departments to date: Construction; Private Client; Corporate (current seat)

University: King’s College London

Degree and class: English Literature, 2:1

07.00am: I wake up early to attend a class at a gym close to the office. Wedlake Bell employees are offered a discounted rate at various gyms.

09.00am: When I arrive at the office, I review any emails that have come in overnight. I update my to-do list accordingly and will continue to amend it throughout the day as matters progress. Things can change quite quickly on corporate transactions, so it is important to keep track of developments.

09.40am: I pop upstairs to have some breakfast and chat to a couple of colleagues. Porridge, toast, crumpets and toppings are available every morning.

10:00am I am asked to quickly proofread an advisory agreement and make minor amendments where necessary.

10:30am A partner asks me to assist on a matter where a company is implementing new articles of association and replacing one of its directors. My task is to draft an email to the client setting out the steps required to make these changes in accordance with the Companies Act 2006.

10:50am I prepare for and attend a board meeting with my supervisor and a long-standing client. The board meeting is to approve the accounts of 20 companies that are in the group. The directors and accountants are in attendance at the meeting and we go through the accounts and the board minutes (which I had prepared and circulated beforehand).

12:00pm Once the meeting has ended, my supervisor calls me to discuss the amendments required to the board minutes following the meeting. I make the relevant changes and once approved, I issue the board minutes for signature via Docusign, an electronic signature platform.

1:00pm I head upstairs for lunch with the trainees on the balcony. Soup is available every day, so I try today’s special.

2:00pm I am asked to draft an engagement letter to set up a Family Investment Company for one of the clients from Private Client. I draft the engagement letter and do some background reading on Family Investment Companies for context as I will be drafting various documents in due course. Corporate is quite varied in terms of the types of company structures used by clients and the tasks trainees are involved in.

3:00pm I have a coffee scheduled with one of the interns who is part of the 10,000 Black Interns Programme that Wedlake Bell supports. It is great to see the firm taking part in diversity and inclusion programmes and we discuss any questions the intern has about the firm and the training contract. 

3:30pm I am asked to complete the forms for a buyback and cancellation of shares for a client. I search the file for the details of the buyback before drafting the forms and sending them for review. Once the forms are approved and signed, we will need to arrange for stamp duty to be paid on the transfers, so I set a reminder to follow up on this next week.

4:45pm I continue working through the tasks on my to-do list, which include amending company articles to include a new class of shares.

6.30pm: Tonight, is the corporate team’s monthly drinks and dinner, organised by some of the junior lawyers, and they have booked a nearby restaurant. As I am relatively new to the team, it is a great way to get to know members of the team in a more relaxed setting. Before leaving the office, I check whether my supervisor would like help with anything, close my time and update my to-do list for the next day.